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The Telephone Museum is in the railway station Hittfeld

Telefonmuseum Hittfelder Bahnhof 


Southwest and quite remote to the town of Hamburg you can find the privately organized Telephone Museum of Mr. Rainer Pfeiffer accomodated in the ancient railwaystation of Hittfeld. In fall 1992 Mr. Peiffer bought the desperate looking railway property. Ever since he and volunteer helpers spent uncounted hours of work for the renovation of the old building, which is because of its history as important to Mr. Pfeiffer as the Telephone Museum itself. Bit by bit the work reassembled the historic look of the old station which visualizes nowadays a piece of railway history.

The Museum is not only showing telephones from various countries since its invention 1861 / 1876 until today, but also the history of telegraphic communication, development of
PBX technology, telexes, fax- and answering machines and much more. The visitor can gain a great picture about the evolution of electronic communication. 

Because of conversion the museum is closed at this time.


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125 Jahre Telefon in Deutschland

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